Schoolbooks and Sorcery Kickstarter

Schoolbooks and Sorcery cover

Thanks to my email being broken and useless, I missed most of this, but better late than never I guess! Schoolbooks and Sorcery, a diverse YA fantasy anthology, is the latest to include one of my stories. This is a great anthology for anyone who (like me) gets really annoyed when characters in fantasy are always white and/or straight and also for anyone who likes Harry Potter (I mean, who doesn’t. GO RAVENCLAW).

My story is called The Chosen One and it’s about a bisexual alternate universe Haitian boy who tries to force his magical powers to come in early, with predictably disastrous results. Fun times. Very teenager.

Anyway the anthology is in Kickstarter phase right now so if it appeals to you, why not head over and pre-order a copy so that all of us lovely writers can get paid 😉