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katrina nicholson

If you’re here, you probably read a story of mine with a link to this website in it, so thanks for reading!

My name is Katrina Nicholson, and contrary to what the front page may have led you to believe, I am not small red octopus. I do like to doodle them on everything, though. I’m a writer, mostly of science fiction, young adult, and screenplays, and I work for the Cape Breton Regional Library in Sydney, Nova Scotia (support your local library!)

For a bit of relevant background: I have a degree in history from Dalhousie University, a diploma in Writing for Film and Television from the Vancouver Film School, and I completed the Nova Scotia Writer’s Federation Mentorship Program under YA author Philip Roy. I also finished NaNoWriMo/Script Frenzy four times and I used to have a movie reviews site called Reviews from a Refrigerator Box. For a bit of irrelevant background: I’m a former Royal Canadian Air Cadet pilot, summer camp counselor, lifeguard, first aider, Google fooler, and framer (of artwork, not houses) and I have a certificate in cake decorating.

The first time one of my stories was published was in one of the Friends Forever anthologies compiled by Cape Breton University. I was seven and they only printed a handful, so you will NEVER read it unless I accidentally piss off someone who has one. The first time I was published as a grown-up was in 2005, when I won the after-action report writing contest on the official website for the film Serenity. You actually can read that one if you like. The Serenity website is long gone, but I posted the story on my livejournal (yes, I had a livejournal – didn’t everyone?)

In addition to the stuff on the Read Stuff and Watch Stuff pages, I’ve gotten a few awards and placements (otherwise known as almost-awards). VFS gave me the “Best Workshopper” and “Academic Achievement” awards. My feature screenplay GONARS was in the top ten in the 2013 Final Draft Big Break Contest and the 2009 Red Inkworks contest. Killed in Action was a finalist in the 2008 Screenplay Festival, and I was a finalist (twice) in the MARZA Story Circus Competition. My YA manuscript Unobtanium came second in the 35th Annual Atlantic Writing Competition and my feature screenplay The Wild Helicopters of the Outback won first place in the Story Pros Awards in 2012.

I’ve written a few things for my sound guy/aspiring director brother Dennis that are working their way through the pipeline and I have a number of things out on submission with publishers, so stay tuned for more stuff.

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